GoMakeStyles cleans up InDesign document text by removing arbitrary typographic overrides by replacing them with paragraph and character styles. It first determines the optimum paragraph styles, then the simplest character styles. New styles are named so their differences are apparent. Any existing styles are left in effect and applied where possible. The creation of new styles is kept to a minimum, so the program will not make more styles than are needed. Once GoMakeStyles has run all typographic formatting is accomplished via styles.

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  • Automatically converts typographic overrides into paragraph and character styles
  • Optimizes style creation
  • Created styles have logical clear names
  • Tires to apply existing styles before creating new ones 
  • Once run all typographic formatting is accomplished via styles.
  • Inexpensive
  • Free downloadable demo
  • Quick Online Purchase

GoMakeStyles is a useful tool for all InDesign users. It is extremely helpful when cleaning up InDesign document text before re-purposingthe content for eBooks, other media, upgrading or localization.

GoMakeStyles is available for trial and purchase from  Adobe Exchange

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