Custom Development Services

Please contact us about your project. We have been helping publishers and translators with custom development and consulting services since 1989. Our rates are reasonable. We deliver on time. We’ll focus on what you need. If we can’t help you we may know someone else who can.




NAPS offers custom development & consulting services for:

  • Quark and Adobe Creative Suite based solutions – server or desktop.
  • We can provide custom Quark XTensions or  Adobe InDesign plugins and scripts.
  • Translation houses and LSP’s (language service providers) – filters, workflow components
  • Workflow and document management system customers, vendors and integrators.
  • Mobile Applications
  • Publishing and translation production assistance

Our consulting developers all have more than 10 years experience developing software for small and large projects.

Custom development and consulting services customers include:

MediaSpan,, Modulo Systems, EPS – Educator’s Publishing Service, Multi-Ad, Saxotech, The Boston Globe, Quark Inc., United Methodist Publishing House, Harvard Business School Publishing, Pearson Publishing, GlobalSight, New England Business Service (NEBS) and EDS.

We have built several web and mobile apps – two mobile apps are available today as commercial products. see: for more details. We have specialized in using cross platform techniques so these apps run on Android as well as iOS platforms.

References are available upon request.

Case Study: Contract development — custom plugins and applications for an educational publisher.

This contract customer needed to extract the content from series of InDesign books for a myriad of new interactive web based learning applications. We designed and implemented a solution for the extraction and XML generation.

Since the process involved extracting XML from unstructured InDesign textbooks – we designed, organized and communicated a process for styling the Indesign documents to the various editorial groups and their sub-contractors. We wrote a series of custom scripts to traverse the InDesign documents and create the intermediate XML output. This XML was was in turn passed to an Adobe AIR application we created. Our AIR app output the final XML in the myriad of required schema formats. Because we used a scheme of matching Adobe Flex Actionscript object classes to XML schemata we were easily able to adapt to the many changes that occurred in the data structures as the project progressed.

For this long term project we used a mix of Adobe technologies: both Adobe Extendscript plugins and Adobe AIR. This proved to be a very efficient method for producing the large quantities of XML needed for a variety of interactive applications from unstructured source material. The development track involved working with three separate groups: a development team in India responsible for the structural definition of the interactive learning applications, a development group in Canada who built the user interfaces of the learning applications and several editorial groups in Cambridge, MA. NAPS was responsible for a critical path of the project.

Development Experience: Adobe Creative Suite

We are familiar with: Adobe Indesign, Extension Manager, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flex Builder & Flash Builder, AIR, ExtendScript Toolkit, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, PhoneGap, Acrobat. We have been beta testers of all Adobe Creative Suite releases since CS3 and are an Adobe Technology Partner.

We first began Adobe plugin development in 2003. We are familiar with the Adobe development technologies and are active in the Adobe development community. We have built and sold our CopyFlow Gold (CFG) plugin as a commercial product since InDesign CS. For InDesign CS and CS2 we developed the CFG plugin using C++ and the Adobe SDK. CopyFlow Gold CS3 through CS5 were created using compiled Adobe ExtendScript.

By making extensive use of the Adobe Scripting DOM SDK, the Adobe XML parser and the Adobe Script UI we were able to greatly speed our development cycles – without a loss of performance. This change also made our source and development environments cross-platform. For CopyFlow Gold CS6 we migrated our plugin to use the new Creative Suite Extension Builder – giving us the behavior and look of native Adobe CS panels, icons and dialogs. Although we re-wrote our palette UI for CS6, we were able to re-purpose most of our legacy code libraries as they existed.

In addition to CFG, we also offer AboutMyDoc and GoMakeStyles as plugins for Adobe InDesign CS6. AboutMyDoc provides InDesign word counts and detailed document reports in a dynamically generated browser window. GoMakeStyles automatically cleans up InDesign text before translation, or before re-purposing for other media. Both of these new extensions will only be offered through the new Adobe Exchange marketplace. At this time we have submitted and had accepted by Adobe, four Creative Suite Extensions: 3 for InDesign and 1 for Illustrator.

Case Study: Custom development for systems vendor

As part of a world-wide distributed development team of ten we assisted in the development of a publishing system. C++ development work using InDesign SDK and Quark SDK on servers and editorial clients – Mac & Windows. We integrated an ad building system into system’s front and web back ends. Long term contract lasted about 2 years.

Case Study: Custom Development For Newspaper Workflow System

Assisted in the development of a popular commercial newspaper document management/editorial workflow system. C++ development work using Quark SDK. Integrate Quark into system using Quark Xtension SDK – Mac & Windows. Customer’s workflow/editorial system supported both InDesign and Quark clients. Contact period 2010 – 2011.