CopyFlow Gold for Illustrator CS6 to CC 2015

CopyFlow Gold for Illustrator Features:

  • Roundtrip text to translation system in XML
  • Preserves all document formatting
  • Thousands of CFG users worldwide
  • Lightweight files, Quick and easy to use
  • One click batch folders of documents
  • Compatible with most TM systems
  • Standard UTF-8 encoding
  • Free downloadable demo


CopyFlow Gold for Adobe Illustrator CS6 && CC

CopyFlow Gold (CFG) is a plugin extension to Adobe Illustrator. It is used to export all the text into a simple text file which can then be translated with a Computer Aided Translation system such as SDL-Trados or Deja-Vu. After the text is translated it can be batch imported into a new copy of the Illustrator document. CopyFlow Gold uses a simple XML text format to preserve the typography. All exports are sorted in logical order; which greatly facilitates the translation process. The tool is designed to batch process an entire folder of Adobe Illustrator files in .ai or .eps format for maximum efficiency. This Quick Reference guides describes the workflows and includes the batch processing of entire folders of Illustrator documents.

Free demos are available for download. At purchase time we will email you registration keys to convert your demo software into product.


INSTALLATION — a few clicks


Download the free demo from here. The double-click the downloaded .zip file and then double-click the enclosed .zxp file. This is an Adobe CS6 Extension Manager installation file. You will be guided through the installation process .



The basic workflow is to export the text out of the Illustrator .ai or .eps file into .xml text file, translate the .xml text file, then re-import into the Illustrator documents. To do this:

  1. Create 3 new empty directories – one for the Illustrator .ai or .eps files, one to export the .xml to, and one to import the translated .xml from.  Name these folders something like docs, export, import.
  2. Use settings – described below to point CopyFlow Gold to these folders
  3. Copy ( copy – not move) a few Illustrator documents into ‘docs’
  4. Click export button – one the processing is done – the .xml files will be in ‘export’
  5. Translate the .xml files with your favorite tool.
  6. Put translated .xml files into ‘import’ folder & click Import.
  7. Once  processing is done your translated Illustrator documents will be open on the screen




Once the installation is complete launch Illustrator CS6. Under Windows->Extensions you will see ‘CFGIllustrator’. Click on this item to launch the CopyFlow Gold Illustrator Extension panel.

Launch CFG Illustrator panel from Windows->Extensions


The user interface for CFG has been reworked for CS6. The main panel now functions the same as any of the Adobe CS application windows. You can increase the width to better read the log entries in the text display at the center of the panel. A fly-out menu on the panel itself now provides the linkage the preference Settings, the registration activation dilalog and a browser based help screen.


CFG Illustrator panel and its flyout menu



With the setting dialog you can set which folders contain the Illustrator docs, where to export to and where to import from.

If you check the Format XML output – your XML will be ‘pretty printed’ and easier to read.

If you check ‘Close And Save Document After Import’ – CFG will do just that – overwrite the document after the new text has been import. n.b., Only use this option if you have a good backup of all your original Illustrator documents.




You can always check your folder settings by clicking on the little ‘i’ icon at the bottom of the  palette – as shown below (screen shot has been enlarged for easy reading).

The small  trash can icon will clear the console message display.





CFG Illustrator minimized as an icon