CFG for InDesign

The CopyFlow Gold (CFG) translation tool is most often used to export formatted text out of InDesign documents to a computerized translation system, and then batch import the translated text back into its original page location — all while preserving the typographic formatting. CopyFlow Gold can also be used as a text archive tool. RTF, XLIFF, XML and other export formats are all supported. Versions now available for CS3 through CS6, CC, CC2014, CC 2015, CC2017-CC2021

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  • Roundtrip text to translation system in XML, RTF, XLIFF or other formats
  • Preserves all document formatting
  • Thousands of CFG users worldwide
  • Lightweight files, quick and easy to use
  • One click batch process for folders of documents
  • Compatible with most Translation Memory systems
  • Standard UTF-8 encoding
  • Free downloadable demo
  • Quick Online Purchase
  • Word counts and reports
  • Other Pre- & Post- Translation Tasks: Set Language, Missing Gylph Check, Clear Override Tools (CS6 only)