AboutMyDoc helps an InDesign CS6  operator quickly determine a document’s complexity and size. AboutMyDoc produces a quick report in your web browser about an InDesign document’s text and totals the word count. It should be very useful for evaluating or estimating jobs in pre-press houses, translation houses and for others who re-purpose InDesign documents for eBooks, the web and other purposes. The application is highly configurable and allows or disallows the inclusion of text in various InDesign elements — notes, tables, footnotes,etc and can optionally include text on hidden layers, in off page frames or in hidden conditions.

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  • Roundtrip text to translation system in a single file tagged format
  • Preserves all document formatting
  • Thousands of CFG users worldwide, recommended by SDL Trados
  • Lightweight files, quick and easy to use 
  • Compatible with most Translation Memory systems
  • Standard UTF-8 encoding 
  • Free downloadable demo
  • Quick Online Purchase
  • For InDesign CS6 and later

AboutMyDoc reports can be produced in a compact or detailed format. Text in stories, tables, footnotes, text variables, in conditions, index topics, and notes can all be reported on. Since the report is in an html file it can easily be restyled by replacing the single css style sheet..



AboutMyDoc Panel   AboutMyDoc Report

AboutMyDoc Panel   AboutMyDoc Report

INSTALLATION — a few clicks

Download the free demo from below or from Adobe Exchange. If downloading from here double-click the downloaded .zip file to retreive the enclosed .zxp file. This is an Adobe Extension Manager CS6 installation file. Open the .zxp file with Adobe Extension Manager CS6 and you will be guided through the installation process.

This CS6 extension is platform independent. The same extension runs with InDesign on Macintosh and Windows



Once the installation is complete launch InDesign CS6. Under Windows->Extensions you will see ‘AboutMyDoc’. Click on this menu item to launch the AboutMyDoc Extension panel. The fly-out menu prvodes access to this page and the Settings dialog.

Launch panel from InDesign Menu: Windows->Extensions



Here you can establish how much detail and what counts you want in your report. Show Count Details will result in a much larger more verbose report when checked.

AboutMyDoc settings dialog



AboutMyDoc is free if you have purchased CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS6 or available separately here from Adobe Exchange