London 2004 -Spring Projects

Installing Radar Mast and painting hull

Photos Counter clockwise from above

i) London in the trees ,
ii) The workshop,
iii) Test fit of radar pole,
iv) Painting the hull,

London stayed in the yard later than usual this spring as I struggled to finish a project that seemed to be expanding. The new instruments meant new wiring. I ended up remaking the interior wiring panel as well so I would have better access.

The trees around the boat leafed out and began spitting debris onto the top sides. One Saturday I power washed the boat. It rained that night and Sunday morning when I climbed back up the ladder to her deck -- it looked as if someone had sprayed wet saw dust all over her. Pollen, catkins, pine needles and twigs littered the deck. I strung a new fly sheet over her and washed her again.

I purchased a steel mast kit for the radar scanner, fit it to the rear rail, drilled holes for the cable passage and used epoxy to fill in any voids. Finally it was time to paint the hull and call the truck for the 82 miles trip to her ocean home.