North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc. is ceasing operation

After 32 years the pandemic proved to be the final straw for North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc.

We are in the process of shutting down. Software and upgrades will remain available till the end of April.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order please email:

For the time being we will keep the downloads and technical documentation pages available

We would like to thank all our customers for their support.

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Some NAPS History

Founded in 1989, North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc.  (NAPS) is perhaps best know for innovation and its excellence in customer service. NAPS developed software for publishers and translation houses in workflow management, editorial systems integration, web based application, and cross-media content preparation. NAPS has also provided project management consulting and supported publishing production processes.

History: NAPS has a 32 year history of providing customized solutions for publishers and language service providers (translation houses). At the 1989 MacWorld Boston NAPS introduced its first product, an XTension to QuarkXPress 2.0 called CopyFlow. The original CopyFlow enabled a layout editor to rapidly assemble and reassemble pages by automating the batch import and batch export of XyWrite text, and automated the batch import of art. CopyFlow was the foundation a series of subsequent products, including today’s CopyFlow Gold series, now widely used by translators.

Current Products:  CopyFlow Gold (CFG) was continuously upgraded to the latest versions of QuarkXPress, InDesign and Illustrator – for both Macintosh and Windows. CopyFlow Gold is the workflow recommended by SDL-Trados for round-tripping text to and from QuarkXPress documents. A review in Layers Magazine recently awarded CopyFlow Gold 4.5 out of 5 stars. Two other plugins for Adobe InDesign CS6 are available from Adobe Exchange: GoMakeStyles: cleans up typographic markup, AboutMyDoc is a tool to examine a document’s structure.

CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS6, CC 2017 and later not only roundtrips text in more formats to more translation systems, but handles some of the other tasks translators have to deal with when translating documents. We now can strip out extra markup before translation for better segmentation and automatically set the new hyphenation and spelling dictionaries after translation. Good segmentation is key to effective use of translation memory dictionaries. For every translation we de-construct an entire InDesign document into all its component parts, extract all the text that is translatable and pass it on to a translation memory linguistic system. Once the newly translated text is ready, the process is reversed, the InDesign document is completely rebuilt in the new language – with all the new text in the proper place, text variables, footnotes and other document components all properly handled and all the art, anchored illustrations and tables formatted in place.

CopyFlow Gold for Illustrator CC 2017 and CC2021 added the ability to round-trip text to and from entire directories of Illustrator documents – while preserving the typographic formatting. This unique tool has proven very useful to translators working with documents in these formats.

Projects:  NAPS built the first desktop workflow system used at Business Week magazine, which managed the workflow of the magazine’s pages every week for more than two years. NAPS worked with EDS for several years to create a custom composition system for The Wall Street Journal. NAPS was a pioneer in web-based composition and built one of the first internet web sites to show personalized, web composed proofs of business stationery for New England Business Service (NEBS). NAPS recently added a very popular option to directly round-trip XLIFF (an XML format for translators) to our CopyFlowGold for InDesign. One of NAPS recent custom projects was to build a high-school year book publishing system for well-known Texas based Balfour publishing.

NAPS built publishing workflow software for: Harper-Collins, Scholastic, Pearson Education, Prentice Hall, The Harvard Business Review, Key3Media, Texas Monthly, Balfour, Taylor Publishing and Integration-X among others.


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